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The Wildlife Specialist, LLC is a family-run wildlife control business in Encinitas, CA. Over 12 years of service, we have assisted over 5000 clients with wildlife property management issues. Our wildlife consultants are experienced in resolving the most difficult animal issues. Trust that we’ve seen it all and have effective solutions!

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We provide long-term solutions to animal concerns. Our professionals will work to determine the source of the problem before implementing a customized plan to match your requirements. We provide various services, including snake fence installation, coyote roller fence, and dog run fence. We can also tackle any chores that need to be done the first time correctly! You can be confident that your house or company is entirely secure before we leave. We appreciate our customers and provide competitive prices on all jobs done the first time correctly. We will not quit functioning until you are entirely happy with the results! With the outcomes! With the results! We also offer exceptional savings to veterans, seniors, and active military personnel!

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If you have any concerns about our services or would like to arrange an appointment with us in Encinitas, CA, please call us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

Our Full Range of Services

Snake Fence Installation

Specialized snake fence installation to safeguard your property against unwanted reptilian visitors, ensuring safety and peace of mind.

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Roller Fence

Enhance perimeter security with our coyote roller fence installations, effectively deterring wildlife while maintaining aesthetics.

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Dog-Run Fence

Create a safe and enjoyable outdoor space for your pets with our dog-run fence solutions, tailored to your space and pet's needs.

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Get Permanent Animal Control Solutions

Reach out to animal control experts in the area. Call (760) 496-9166 or fill out the contact form to get more information on our services. We will answer any questions you have about our work.

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